Frankenwalnut Press Kit


Don Hicks

Alex Hicks

Katherine Rasmussen (Illustrator)


About Authors Don and Alex Hicks

Don Hicks is an author, inventor, musician, and father to three children who don’t like to go to bed early. 

Alex Hicks is a boy who loves all things Halloween, scary stories, soccer, and staying up late. 

The one thing that could get Alex to stay in bed and get some sleep is an original story. Over the course of several years, Alex would ask for a new story each night. Every evening, Don would create the next chapter of an adventure. Out of this bedtime collaboration, the adventures of Frankenwalnut, Cassius Cashew, inside and beyond the village of Walnuttia, came to life. 

Don and Alex live with their family, mother and wife Anaïs, and daughters and siblings Maddie and Chloé, in places as magical as the world they created, whether in Paris, Key West, or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

About Illustrator Kat Rasmussen 

Kat Rasmussen, like Frankenwalnut and Cassius Cashew, grew up an adventurer, not in the Crumbly Castle, but in the woods of Southern Norway.

In 2012, she moved to the United States, where she studied design and visual storytelling at Watts Atelier of the Arts and Brainstorm School. During this time, she met her husband Kevin Fleeman, a concept artist.  

The couple, who live in Austin, Texas, share a love of illustration, gaming, and their corgi and Instagram star (@lubythecorgi) Luby Lu. Also an adventurer, Luby enjoys holidays, fighting with water, and being a wigglebutt. 

  • Title: Frankenwalnut
  • Authors: Don and Alex Hicks
  • Illustrator: Katherine Rasmussen
  • Publication Date: October 2023
  • Available at: Amazon
  • ISBN13: 9798218265519
  • Retail price: $19.99
  • Page Count: 100
  • Genre: Fiction, Children’s, Picture Books, Middle Grade

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BOOK EXCERPT: See a sample of the book here: They say that lightning never strikes twice. But on this strange and scary night, lightning struck not once…not twice…but THRICE! In a world full of regular mixed nuts, who could have imagined that lightning could have brought the creature FRANKENWALNUT to life? Is he a monster, roasted and salted, out to scare and intimidate the townsnuts of Walnuttia or under that hard shell, is he something else – something more? From the graveyard to the schoolyard, to the Crumbly Castle and beyond, follow the strange and moving story of Frankenwalnut and his loyal friend Cassius Cashew as they struggle against school bullies and ignorant grown ups, only to face an even more terrifying threat that could destroy everything they know and love. Join the adventure and learn the secret of FRANKENWALNUT!